Nurture your El Vaquero boots for a timeless excellence.

Shoe care kit

Shoe Care Kit

El Vaquero products have always been renowned for quality and craftsmanship excellence, which is why their care and maintenance cannot be anything less than excellent. Developed and perfected for years by El Vaquero craftsmen, our Shoe Care Kit is a selection of products of the highest quality and has been specifically designed and tested for the care and maintenance of El Vaquero items. Inside the kit you will find:

Impermeabilizing protector

protects your shoes from water and potential stains by creating an invisible protective layer, keeping the products dry and safeguarded in any situation.

Hygenizer deodorant

keeps the footwear consistently fresh and fragrant, eliminating bad odors and ensuring a sensation of freshness every time they are worn.

Multibrush tool

the soft brush gently removes dust and dirt, making the leather's shades consistent; the rubber brush eliminates marks or any stains, even in hard-to-reach areas, thanks to the rubber situated on the edges of the tool.

Shoe care kit
Shoe care kit

Invest in the care of your shoes

Investing in the care of your footwear allows you to fully enjoy their beauty and extend their lifespan over time.

With our kit, you can be certain to preserve and enhance your El Vaquero items to the fullest, ensuring a long-lasting and impeccable look. The formulations of the products are specially designed and developed to provide delicate yet effective protection for your boots.

Shoe care kit

The packaging


We have enclosed everything you need to take care of your boots in an elegant El Vaquero branded case. Take care of your El Vaquero shoes with the best products, and enjoy the excellence and quality that only El Vaquero can offer you.

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