Marco Mongelli
Founder & Creative Director Whynotdesign

15 April 2021

The wind on your skin, the sun in your eyes, feeling free and living the emotions that give life a meaning. No longer cogs in a machine or automatons in a system, but living beings like the air and the sea. Travelling as far as possible, getting rid of clichés and differences, sharing experiences and, finally, to love. Unconditionally.

The journey is the most intimate experience, so close to the vivid excitement of an unconditional love; it means abandoning assumed identities to finally be reunited with the world and with nature in a union with the Whole. Nowadays this is the challenge that should shape the world, politics and the attention to nature in order to give a better future to the next generations.

For years I’ve not only been involved with the creation of creative contents for high fashion brands, but I have also cooperated with photographers, directors, designers, copywriters and marketing experts, sometimes as a consultant and sometimes as the manager of the entire communication project. It is essential in this job to understand how to capture the essence, the emotion, the sensitivity, to seize the moment to get to the innermost core of a project.

There are several skills, not to be taken for granted, that an Art Director should have: having a thorough knowledge of the evocative and symbolic value of images, encouraging the individual professional skills and the background of each team member, in order to achieve the final goal through each individual experiences.

Innovations generate new sensory, mental, psychological, relational connections, picturing new channels of comprehension that sometimes catalyze a new original message.

Creativity and innovation are nowadays an indisputable combination. Being able to create innovation, making new connections, using unusual channels and contacts are all actions that make the message unique. It is often necessary to imagine new tools and ideas useful for the comprehension and the employment of the so-called lateral or divergent thinking, in order to hit the nail on the head.

The important things in every project are method and enthusiasm: thinking about how to tell a story, finding the crucial point, reaching it and then… losing yourself into it. Being ready to define new horizons and to enjoy the little things, the path towards the right strategy is always a journey free from prejudice. You don’t always reach the top and you don’t always get where you wanted to, and yet the search for valuable contents is constant, and today more than ever it is important to carry a strong message rather than an ordinary slogan.

And it is always a great adventure because sometimes you create a team with your coworkers, you move synergically like a crew sharing ideas, joys and sorrows. Trust, synergy and method always help to achieve successful results.

Today communication goes fast, everything speeds up, we’ve lost the habit to enjoy things, to stop and relax. It is part of the play, of the challenge. And of the journey.

However, with El Vaquero it has been easy and almost natural to find the connection and to share the journey. It’s not just a company, it’s not just a brand: it’s a big family. You can feel the transparency, the truth, the spontaneity of their choices, without compromises. You immediately understand that their project consists in sharing with their “aficionados” who not only buy their products but also commit to their philosophy and lifestyle. Working with them (not for them) means being inspired by their great passion and their desire to shout to the world how important it is to live that adventure chasing the elements in search of love.

This great passion, which is the prerogative of those with a full, living and open to hardships soul, is the reason why you immediately get deeply involved. 

And falling in love becomes so much easier.