Alessandro Pierini

15 February 2021

The dreams I embodied as a child are the same today as an adult. They accompany me like a backpack to be filled with experiences, and they grow like a seed in the earth’s soil.

To live an intense life and bring my message to the world through the sounds of my music. At 34, I still haven’t stopped dreaming and the more years that go by, the more I feel the need to enrich my days with unique desires and experiences. Many of the sports that I love, such as rock climbing or surfing, are an exceptional source of adrenaline and at the same time offer a suspended and intimate time between the noise of my thoughts and the need to be self-sufficient. Until recently, I never wondered why I was so attracted to everything that presented me with a challenge.

Now I know that it is a constant quest to savour the present, far from the psychological time of the human mind that is constantly thinking without control and diverts attention from our true essence. Instead, climbing a mountain forces you to bring all your attention to each and every movement, where only that moment exists, and nothing else. 

Music, especially therapeutic music, also helps to fully experience the countless nuances of life and to express my essence through the harmonious alternation of musical notes. Playing music is like climbing a mountain, two sides of the same coin. It is an ancient and modern therapy, solitary and collective like an embrace that extends from our own well-being to everything around us. It makes us feel alive, only if connected to every natural and human element, and to feel that here and now are the only moment in which we are allowed to perceive the strength inside and outside of ourselves. Thanks to music and extreme sports, my here and now becomes more frequent and I am able to “fully live” many moments during my days. When we do what we love, the noise that our thoughts usually produce is converted into music and our mind is freed from the ropes that constrain it, at least for a few moments.

We must each continue to wear our backpack, without filling it up too much, always leaving a small amount of space to be filled with music, train tickets, soiled hands and steaming cups of coffee.