Road to California

Alessia Porretta
Sales Manager El Vaquero

05 May 2020

It’s all been decided, ready to go.

We’re off: El Vaquero is flying to California to take part in the Coachella Festival.

Do you have any idea of what this fells like? It’s a burst of emotions, backpacks prepared with trembling hands, ideas running fast, hopes and accelerated heartbeats.

The project involves four brands: Le Voliere for clothes, Rue des Mille for jewellery, Mulac Cosmetics for make-up and El Vaquero for footwear.

The Festival takes place over two long weekends: our team will be there on the first one, living this breathtaking adventure with models Nilufar Addati, Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser, our best and most motivated influencers.

The journey has finally begun, emotions begin to come alive. Just a moment to get ready, a quick break in the exclusive accommodation in Los Angeles, and we are all heading off to Indio!

Coachella is impressive, it’s powerful, it’s enormous, it’s an imaginary world come true.

Right now this is our real world: outfits and photos follow one another in rapid succession, the choice of lighting and suggestive angles. Giving up on a shot seems impossible. It is the atmosphere which dictates timing and movements.



We are ready; our footwear is perfectly in harmony with the neo-woodstock mood of the environment. Country, eccentric and freedom of expression styles reign.

Retouching is not needed, the wind will blow the fringes in the air.

And the sun will reflect the splendor of the leathers.

And the desert will highlight the care in the details.

Indio was waiting for us, or rather waiting our return because our products start to dance where nature reigns and the music beats louder.

There are crowds of people, the sunsets are unbelievable and the palm trees touch the sky. It is a festival, a real festival; we’d love to stop the time and dance forever.

The work is exciting, the photos keep flowing, it is all fantastic, all necessary and the hours fly by.

Night falls but there is no rest. Nobody would ever go to sleep.

It’s the moment of the after parties, to recharge and restart because fashion doesn’t wait and because, in a few wonderful moments, work and life blend together: passion explodes and music is not only heard outside but felt within.

The first weekend is over, we prepare to leave with backpacks full of photos and unforgettable images imprinted in our memories.

It’s actually not over yet and El Vaquero stays for the second weekend of the Festival. This time Sonia Lorenzini and Anna Penello will represent our philosophy with photo shoots, posts, videos and stories. The music doesn’t stop and neither do our boots.

Coachella comes to an end and our work is over. The impressions that this event rewards us with fills with scenes, memories and new hearts in love with our style.

El Vaquero has spoken once again, it has been as loud as the music, dirtying itself with the dry sand of the desert and shining under the bright blue of the Californian sky.

Sadly some experiences come to an end, but the enthusiasm continues.

The creative stimulus acquired in these days will remain in the thirsty souls of our insiders.

The bags are emptied, legs take a rest but not for long because we all know that the El Vaquero journey continues.