16 July 2020

Every time I pick up a camera, a new journey begins.

You can travel even without moving.
The recent lockdown is proof of this.
This is how I sometimes felt when I was developing film in the darkroom. When I first started more than twenty years ago, the darkness of the laboratory led me on a journey towards the anticipation of seeing what I had created.

A few months ago, we all embarked on an inner journey that was introspective, silent but at the same time noisy, slow yet fast.

A journey that brought us to where we are now, moving slowly but at an increasingly steady pace into a new journey that still seems suspended in time.

The journey with El Vaquero resumes from Italy and the beauty it has to offer. When we chose the locations for the latest collection of photos, we asked ourselves where we wanted to begin. The answer was simple: Tuscany and all its hidden treasures and secrets.
First, we ventured to the sea and then to the inland areas, on rocks and on the Colline Metallifere, where the ground oozes smoke and where the El Vaquero creations come to life in a beautiful and playful manner.

Every journey, near or far, is a unique opportunity to revolutionise everything. Completely.
And photography is part of this revolution.
When I take a photo, I tell the story of that creation, of that product. Each image captures and expresses its strength, whether on its own or as part of an advertising campaign.
The bold style and materials combined with the elegant shapes makes an El Vaquero boot unique and my job is to balance the harmony of the shapes, colours, and positions so that the photograph reflects all this.

Photography for me means giving a voice to the different spaces that are inside each of us.
Where “We” is also a brand. That’s right, because each brand is built around stories of people, families, passion, know-how and the Italian way of life. We identify and recognise ourselves in a brand because it speaks to us and reflects our values. My job is to articulate all this through photos that speak and tell a story.

If it is true that you can travel even without moving, then it is even more true that by moving you can go even further!