Not ordinary blog

CEO El Vaquero

07 May 2020

Take a moment just for yourself.

Get your favorite drink, choose the music which feeds your imagination and a location where you feel most free.

This is where it starts: a journey in the discovery of the most genuine side of fashion: a world of ideas and purpose, a world of colours and smells, of wild dancing with skirts swirling in the wind.

Let yourself be inspired by the boho style of your footwear, by the brazen beauty of the landscapes, by the memories of the insiders.

From now on, your eyes will be spectators of the past, of the tradition which hovers behind the boots you wear, of how they are made and all that revolves around our products.

You will discover tales of journeys, festivals, prominent partnerships, well-known faces of the fashion world, backstage and above all expert hands, open minds and always fresh ideas.

This is not a diary but a journey to take together, to fall in love with the magical world of fashion, where details are protagonist and work is, first of all, passion for art.

El Vaquero is all of this and much more: it’s a product, but also a story; it is a company, but above all a family. Our styles are a way of being: when you wear El Vaquero you are telling yourself and the world who you are: At every step, you leave a trace, your own message in the world.

Let yourself be moved by our experiences, let yourself be affected by our enthusiasm and, like us, don’t stop dreaming.

That is why what will guide you is not the conventional blog, but a real journey of discovery.