Make up artist

05 January 2021

Never have I heard a more apt sentence, especially for someone like me who works with beauty every day. Working as a make-up artist is a fascinating job. I get to meet many different women, all with their own characteristics that tell incredible stories about themselves without having to utter a single syllable. Their experiences are reflected on their faces, and makeup can be an ally to help them live their lives with more confidence and awareness of their beauty.

Since I was a young child I have always been fascinated by makeup. I liked to draw and design women's faces, which I then embellished and sculpted or created a mask for. All these sensations affected my mood and made me feel good about myself. I still like to draw, but I have been doing it on people's faces for a long time because it has become the job I have always wanted to do. Beauty has now become my job. There are widely shared classic beauty standards such as the symmetrical faces that attract most of us, but the more unusual ones are the most intriguing, where the art of makeup is undoubtedly more stimulating. Face or body painting has been practiced since time immemorial, in different places and cultures far and wide.
For some, it is a real beauty ritual, while for others it can symbolise a religious or war ritual.

What has always fascinated me was how a simple cosmetic could make a woman happy. This was when I discovered my love for makeup and its textures! Seeing a foundation blend perfectly into the skin and not knowing if you applied it or not is an absolutely fantastic feeling, and so is the feeling you get when you brighten up someone's cheeks with a blush or put eyeliner on, or even apply red lipstick with a lip brush. I live these emotions every day as if I were piecing together a puzzle, where each piece fits together perfectly, creating a new beauty design. And when I see the model looking at herself in the mirror and smiling, it means that I've hit the jackpot!

Another aspect I love about this job is that it never stops, it is constantly evolving. It follows fashion trends and projects you into the future looking for more and more technological innovations and textures. It was once thought that wearing makeup didn't allow the skin to breathe, and many people still think this is true. However, today we have highly advanced cosmetics that are reductive and trivial to call cosmetics, they are real beauty potions. Of course, the rule still applies that we should go to bed with clean skin so that the skin can breathe and absorb the active ingredients of a good cream during the night. However, during the day, a layer of foundation protects us from all those atmospheric agents that are harmful to the health of our skin. And then makeup is moody! It's a great game to play every day! Today you can go from a nude look during the day to an aggressive smoky eye look for a night out with friends. It can also be made sexy with a simple red glossy lipstick.
The beauty of makeup is that it brings out who we are and what we feel, it doesn't make us hide behind a mask!

Your daily routine and your personal makeup can give you all the confidence you are looking for and make you feel at ease among people, it is a kind of image consultant, but also a psychologist or a thespian. However, be careful not to overdo it! As my grandmother always used to say, “too much is too much!” Complicated and poorly applied makeup makes you look sloppy and unkempt, so it's best to avoid it and if you don't think you can do it, it's best to wear simple but well-applied makeup. Even a perfectly applied single coat of mascara can make all the difference!
Makeup has marked the eras, and will continue to do so, but use it with caution and it will always be your friend.

Have fun with your makeup!