Another kind of desert

Marketing Consultant

7 May 2020

A boot step away from heaven and earth.

A day dedicated to a photo shoot is of great importance in our work: all the efforts of months of work and preparation for a collection are concentrated in photo shots, which last just one day. Every detail is crucial. Every choice is final.

Everything must run smoothly and the result must be perfect. There are fifteen people in our staff, the location is outdoor, and we are up against unfamiliar and unforeseen events.

We are ready at the crack of dawn: by the end of the day we will all be different people.

As soon as we get into the two Defenders to cross the quarries we are enveloped in a mixture of cloud and marble dust. This is a new kind of nature, so close to us, so awe-inspiring, but never before explored.

The first phase of our work is the setting: we must choose the perfect spots, feel and breath its potential. The sky is dreamlike, we are ready and everyone is thinking of their task, they can envisage it, they are concentrating on their assignment.

The reflection of the sun on the marble slabs radiates an elegant silver hue, the same tone as the suede footwear in this collection, our collection:
“How do we name the Collection? Well at this point: a new kind of desert”.



We take the footwear samples out of the suitcases and we start combining outfits and shoes. The outfits and colours match and come together like twins from different mothers, and we all think of the same thing: this collection has now found its natural environment, its habitat, its world.

The fragrance of leather starts to pervade the air; it’s strong and it blends with the odor of stone, which like grass newly cut, releases a sense of freshness: we breath in this alluring atmosphere which speaks of a distant time. We have settled in.

A collection marking a breaking point, a watershed in style and concept, a gamble on colours, on materials: this is who we are, this is what represents us, that’s why we can’t get wrong today.

Everything comes together among equipment, drones, sprays, cosmetics, fittings and boots, and we all have one concept clear in our minds: in 10 minutes shooting begins.

The sun shines and reflects on the quality of leather. It is invigorating to be in that desert, with those colours and the perfume of the footwear in their natural habitat. You’d want to catch the wind to blow it through the soft fringes of the boots.

The New Kind of Desert Collection embodies a desire for nature and movement.

The best spot is right there, the light is perfect, we are perfect, we are a team in harmony, with many small nuances of personality and skills.

We shoot and film non-stop with determination: the magic just needs to be grasped.

Wearing our collection is like taking a short journey down memory lane, where the sensations we felt and the images captured by our gaze are transferred to you, as if you could breathe the unrepeatable harmony which the whole team encountered that day. This is the spirit of El Vaquero: to make you you feel new emotions in your heart.

The rarified and magical atmosphere of the marble caves, with their uniqueness, it’s the same that we have instilled in our products.

This is a place with such a strong personality to make even a simple lunchbreak seem unforgettable, even chilling out for a moment with a fresh beer in our hands gives us unique emotions.

A different and alternative desert, where you feel part of something small and big at the same time; a place where the energy of the earth is reflected even in the choice of an accessory.

Each of our matches hides an infinite world of nuances dedicated to dreams, to the desire we all have to reduce the distance between heaven and earth, to be able to touch both with a finger, and to travel even while standing still.

By wearing New Kind of Desert’s footwear you will relive that day, our working day, and you will touch that same heaven and earth with a finger.