We handcraft shoes with passion, since 1975.

The story


the story


Giuntoli discovered his passion for footwear and fashion design at the age of 17. A few years later, he began his career as the future Head Designer of El Vaquero, traveling multiple times between Tuscany and the United States, where he was highly regarded for his extensive technical knowledge of the footwear industry.

Giuntoli brought a unique and unparalleled artistic vision to the fashion world, striving to create boots that would challenge fashion norms while using only the highest quality materials. The birth of El Vaquero in 1975 marked a turning point in the footwear industry, forever changing the world of fashion.

the story


In a short period, El Vaquero gained recognition globally and established stores in major capitals. The innovative and revolutionary design created by Valerio Giuntoli was praised by prominent figures in the entertainment industry, including Adriana Lima, Gerard Butler, Heidi Klum, and Beyoncé, and conquered international catwalks.

Today, as it was yesterday, the brand's use of unique leather treatment techniques, developed through years of expert experimentation, is what sets their product apart and has made El Vaquero footwear celebrated. This is one of the secrets behind their success.

the story


Quality of materials and attention to details: the passion that tuscan master craftsmen devote to each shoe is maniacal, a tradition that began in the year of its founding and has never been interrupted.

Throughout the 20th century, Valerio Giuntoli and El Vaquero artisans have designed footwear that are increasingly focused on comfort and durability, further reinforcing the brand's cardinal value of quality and excellence. El Vaquero boots are made to last forever.

the story


Together with his son Nicholas, Valerio Giuntoli inaugurated a new chapter under the El Vaquero brand. The history of the Giuntoli family is closely tied to that of El Vaquero; their aim has always been to inject a new sense of creativity and innovation into the brand. They have done this by selecting the most interesting footwear designs from the company's stylistic heritage and reworking them with new processes and meticulous leather treatments.

The brand has immersed itself in the study of materials and compositions, bringing to life the vintage spirit that is the true essence of El Vaquero. This spirit has now been perfected and is indelibly imprinted in all the new models. We celebrate the brand's evolution: enriched with details and refreshed in its forms, the unique and original Indianino style still embodies the desire to travel and feel free with elegance, originality, and the highest quality of Italian craftsmanship.

El Vaquero Today
Fashion, Ethics
and Sustainability

a story of passion

It was first our Head Designer, Valerio Giuntoli, who by travelling between Italy and the United States was able to develop the style that sets us apart today. That was in 1975. And today, as then, El Vaquero footwear represents an authentic revolution in the world of fashion.

Imitated by everyone, made by us.

Our footwear is unique. Craftsmanship, together with the use of living materials and treatments capable of giving irreplicable nuances, make each El Vaquero boot come alive. Inimitable in texture and color. We have always worked with the goal of making El Vaquero enthusiasts feel special, who, by wearing them in places around the world, will be able to feel that they are their own: unique and special models to wear.

Our care

Our Customer Care service is completely dedicated to customer care. Our priority has always been to make you feel at home. We love adventure, we love exploration. But to be pioneers of the journey, you must always be able to start from a safe place. El Vaquero is always waiting for you, with care and dedication at your service.




Our land

Tuscany is passion. We work on the land, buying the components necessary to make our footwear exclusively in Italy, most of them right in the Tuscan territory. We have always favored quality, respect for work and the enhancement of the human figure. We are for a business capable of valuing people and territory, not just products. Over time, we have woven relationships of trust and respect with our entire supply chain, because quality begins with a handshake.

Our world

Long-lasting-fashion. El Vaquero shoes are still made today as they were in 1975: with skilled craftsmen's hands and the desire to create a product of absolute quality. Once worn, they will not change their appearance. The sole and heel will beat on the ground like the first day and the leathers will continue to sparkle. The interior will remain as comfortable as you remember. For us, sustainability is extremely linked to product quality. An excellent product, like an El Vaquero shoe, will not need to be repaired, replaced, mended. The quality and expertise of making makes sure that they can last. Sustainability can and should be achieved by buying the best, once.


"For thirty years El Vaquero has been riding the wave of an international success that shows no signs of stopping with bold and original, surprising and transgressive footwear, in a word: unconventional.
All credit to Valerio Giuntoli, the brand's creator and fashion designer, one of the most talented haute couture designers capable of transforming a simple intuition a revolutionary new trend, as powerful as it is innovative.".

Luisa Via Roma